Why there were no Easter baskets in our house this year

No Easter baskets, no colored eggs, no Easter egg hunt, not one chocolate bunny, not this year.

Before you start wondering if this was a sad day, let me assure you it was not! Easter is a wonderful holiday with memories of our family spending the day together, celebrating life and sharing a large meal – one that would give any Thanksgiving dinner a run for the money. As my nest has emptied of young children and is now occasionally visited by young adults, our days of Paas decorating kits, Easter dresses and matching hats, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies are over. In its place, we are now forging ahead by creating new memories with our young adult children. This year, our daughters each invited a friend whose families are out-of-state, to join us for brunch and afternoon games. We met late morning at our house and all piled into one car and left for a fabulous, decadent, seemingly endless array of food choices that included everything from fresh seafood to french toast. The kids, now all over 21, enjoyed fresh orange mimosas, laughed and told stories for over two uninterrupted hours! After we couldn’t eat another bite, we headed home and played a competitive game of HORSE on the driveway. Our basketballs were all pretty flat from non-use over the winter so after getting them pumped up, we turned up the music and tried to move like we hadn’t just spent two solid hours eating ┬ácheesy omelets and slices of juicy prime rib…

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

How do you spend Easter with your adult children? We don’t have grandchildren yet and I can’t wait until we do (maybe I can!) but for now I’m happy to get the kids together all at the same time and enjoy being a family. It’s a new feeling when your kids have jobs, responsibilities and commitments that are not centered around the family anymore. I am so proud that they are paving their own path and are happy with where they are in life. I, on the other hand, am still totally adjusting to this new found freedom and understanding that childhood things are no longer what any of us are looking for anymore. We are paving a new path focused on more adult activities. The learning curve is steep as I festered last week over whether to buy Easter candy or little presents. In the end, the kids were really happy to be part of a fun day, with lots of laughter, eating, sharing and just hanging out. Very adult like.

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  1. Ron April 18, 2017 at 1:19 am - Reply

    What a great day, a different Easter than 10 years ago but still really fun. Also I won the game of horse against the College kids. I call today a win/win!!

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