Washington DC Fall 2016

Washington DC

We took the opportunity to visit Washington, DC twice in the fall of 2016 and in light of the recent election and all the political news in the air right now, I thought I would share our experience in this amazing city of political activity and historical magnificence. I had never visited this city before and I felt a renewed sense of pride and patriotism after experiencing our time here. Our youngest daughter was living and working in DC for the semester as an intern for one of our Colorado senators. We were lucky to tour the Russell Senate building as well as the Capital building as this was part of her daily responsibilities. We took long walks everyday to visit museums, memorials, and march sites.We ate at unique restaurants, food trucks and one amazing taco stand. We watched protesters and engaged in a peaceful conversation with people who think quite differently than we do but we still ended with a hug and a handshake. Here are a few highlights:

Did you know there are 18 Smithsonian museums, including one zoo, and admission is free? We did not have time to see all 18 but I hope we get back there again one day so we can check a few more off our list. One museum we loved that is not on the Smithsonian list is the Newseum. The multi-level exhibit celebrates, promotes and displays one of America’s most beloved freedoms: free expression in religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Photos, displays, headlines and stories illustrate the major news stories of America both historically and today. Technology and how it has evolved through communication fascinates those of us who read a daily newspaper and didn’t have a “smart” phone to notify us of breaking news. I am still incredibly moved by photos captured of 9/11 as journalists tried to report this unspeakable tragedy to a stunned world. Currently, a photography exhibit is showcasing the plight of refugees and what their world looks like with an uncertain future. This is a place that needs a long, contemplative block of time so try not to schedule too much on this day. It is well worth every moment.

Quick list of our favorite food spots and their links. I hope you go!

Rasika, Flavors of India

High-end Indian food with sophistication and excellent service

The Red Hen

Italian-influenced American food with an electic flair and relaxed atmosphere

Surfside Taco Stand – sorry no website to link to at this time – but worth looking up and stopping by for the best tacos to eat on the go, or if you are lucky to sit at one of the few tables out front…Nothing fancy, just good food.

Where are some of your favorite places to go in Washington, DC?

Savior of the Union

The Capital Building under a full moon

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