Packing for Barcelona!

Our next trip is to visit our youngest daughter, Anna, while she studies abroad in Barcelona, Spain. We leave tomorrow for a short five-day visit and I’ve been organizing and getting packed today. I thought I would share some of my tricks for packing, keeping in mind I’m not always practical and tend to be an emotionally based dresser. I need to find the right outfit for the mood I’m in and I hate to be cold so I always pack several jackets no matter where we go. Here’s how I get started:

Check the weather. Barcelona looks like mild weather in the mid-sixties, with cooler temperatures at night. If you haven’t downloaded the The Weather Channel to your phone or tablet, take a moment and check it out. It’s a good one for planning ahead.

Barcelona Outfit

I will be wearing a comfortable pair of Paige jeans – important to note that these jeans have some stretch but still retain their shape. I have a black, long sleeve layering t-shirt that will go beneath the purple cashmere sweater. I bought this sweater specifically for traveling on airplanes because it can be worn in different ways – it’s actually asymmetrical. It is super soft and fits loosely over clothing so it can be worn like a poncho. I added the scarf for color and style, plus if the sweater comes off, the scarf still offers some warmth. Black, leather knee-high boots will keep my feet warm but still be comfortable throughout the flight and layover in Frankfurt. I should get to our hotel in Barcelona with little wear and tear on the clothes, provided I don’t spill my glass of wine. I wish I could be so sure about the wear and tear on myself. Jet lag is a common issue for me as I don’t sleep well on planes, namely because it’s not my bed! And since we don’t have much time in Barcelona, I need to figure out a way to stay refreshed. Any great ideas out there to help with jet lag? I’d love to hear them!

Once I’ve got the plane outfit down, I can have some fun. I chose four outfits, all with light jackets, that can be worn with the boots I’m wearing on the plane, or booties which are a wardrobe staple for me. Everything is layered so I can add or subtract as I need to. I  hang everything up on a clothing rack that I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond so I can see it all put together and then I take a photo of each outfit. This way I can remember why I brought the items I did and what I intended to wear them with. Did I mention jet lag is a problem for me and I need all the help I can get so having photos of my clothing just makes getting dressed that much simpler.

One final note about luggage. We have traveled with many brands of luggage over the years. None can compare to the Rimowa luggage line. This bag is a game changer. The best feature are the wheels – fully revolving, light and smooth across any surface. The bags are light, exceptionally well made and have a lifetime guarantee. (By the way, I am in no way sponsored by Rimowa this is strictly my opinion.) I have lugged many a bag through miles of airports worried about pulling my shoulder out or tripping people along the way. This bag glides alongside you with barely the touch of your fingertips. Good luggage makes life easier. What do you think?

Rimowa Luggage
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