Our Favorite Things to Do in Cabo

Ron and I just returned from a long Valentine’s day weekend in Cabo San Lucas. We really love this part of Mexico and travel here often. This time we had old college friends from Phoenix meet us here so we really wanted to show them some of our favorite places and things to do in Cabo.

Of course, the most beautiful and unique part of Cabo is the location. We stayed right on Medano Beach with a perfect view of Lands End. Waking up to this every morning almost guarantees a perfect day ahead.

We stay at the Hacienda Beach Club and Residences a perfect spot to enjoy the beach, the pool, or take a five minute walk to the marina for restaurants and shopping.

One of our favorite restaurants is DOC Wine Bar, a charming Italian place owned and operated by a talented team from Verona, Italy. The food is authentic Northern Italian, made from scratch and completely delicious. The menu is in Italian but the waiters enjoy explaining the options and recommending choices based on your preferences. They offer an excellent wine list and a friendly, charming atmosphere.

We also love sitting by the pool, ordering cold beers to go with our chips and pico de gallo, and talking and laughing all day. This is truly a vacation staple for me because as much as I like to be active, I also like plenty of time to sit and read, relax in the shade and contemplate my next meal… Needless to say, getting to the gym is pretty important too and I try to carve out just enough time to get a workout in.

Cabo is famous for its unique rock formations and no trip is complete without a boat trip to get a close up view. Seals sunbathe on the ledges while pelicans and sea gulls fly overhead looking for scraps from boaters and fishermen. We took a simple water taxi with a friendly driver named Tommy who was happy to give us a tour and maneuver expertly close to the rocks for the best photo opportunities.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Cabo? I know it is a great place for deep sea fishing, golfing, boating and day trips to nearby towns. I’d love to hear from you and about any adventures you have had while visiting.

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