Looking for a good start to the hiking season? Mt. Falcon offers great views of Denver too!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday than by going on a hike with a few dogs and a group of good friends. This summer, several of my hiking buddies and I are going to try to find different day hikes to explore, usually on Fridays, when we can all get together. I’ll post our hikes here on Colorado Adventure so you can follow along on our adventures. The first hike of this series is Mt. Falcon, near Morrison, Colorado, that offers an easy trail with spectacular views along the way. Several trails can be combined to create a loop that starts out with wide, flat trails or you can meander down more narrow pathways to seek out panoramic views of Red Rocks to downtown Denver. The air is so crisp and fresh up here you just want to stop and take a deep breath and be grateful to be in such a spectacular place.

Mountain views

When the cat’s away the mouse will play…so Ron went golfing while I was hiking and came across this scene… Here are a group of wild turkeys clearly having a heated discussion. Wonder if there is such a thing as turkey politics?

I like to think of this as Turkey politics… 😄

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What are some of your favorite Colorado hikes? I would love to hear your recommendations! Please leave me a post below in the comments section. I can’t wait to get out there and try some new trails…

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