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Aspen X Games

Aspen X Games

It was just this last week that I stopped for a moment and realized that the four people who make up my family were in four very different places and very far away from each other.  Ron was traveling with a friend in Uruguay. I was visiting friends in Arizona, our oldest daughter was in Aspen at the X-Games and our youngest child was in Budapest, Hungary for a weekend trip while studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.  What a strange and sudden realization that the three most important people in my life were spread out in different places in the world at the same time. When your children grow up and move away, you expect to miss them. But I seem to miss them more when they are farther away.

I don’t think there is anything wrong or unusual about missing my family, in fact, I think it’s a good thing. We have always been a family that values travel and experiences so we traveled with our children from the start. We felt that by allowing them to see the world as much as possible opens up the mind to different experiences, people, places, cultures, food and beauty. They practically grew up in cars, trains and planes. If there is such a thing as a theme in our lives, it would be just one word: Go. I want our girls to see the world and learn from it. But this is the first time we went in four different directions. When we are all together again, which won’t be for another month, we will have some great stories. Because even though we have social media and technology to keep us digitally connected, there is nothing like actually being there in the presence of what you love, or in this case, who you love, to share something new or beautiful or just different.

Arizona Sunset Photo by thechosenrebel


Photo by shoebox27 Montevideo, Uruguay


Budapest, Hungary

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