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I'm going to #BlogHer17 in Orlando!

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Hi, my name is Jodi Urgitus. I’m a recent empty nester after raising two awesome daughters who have now joined the ranks of the real world after our youngest just graduated college this year. With the girls gone, my years of volunteer work at their school and community events have given way to more free time to figuring out what’s next! This is such an exciting time to discover new interests, passions, and opportunities and this blog is all about sharing those things with others. Join me and  share your ideas and thoughts about the next chapter in your life…

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Why We Travel

We travel because it changes the way we see the world. When you experience a culture and environment that is different than your own, you begin to understand what life is like from a different

Carpenter Peak in Roxborough State Park

Welcome to the second post in my Friday Hike Series for the spring and summer of 2017! This time, we ventured just about 30 minutes away to Roxborough State Park to climb Carpenter Peak. This

Broadmoor Tennis Camp 2017

Remember when you were a kid and you went away to camp during the summer? Who knew that as an empty nester, you can still go away to camp? I like to think of this

Vacationing with Adult Children

Vacationing with 20somethings is a tricky but adventurous endeavor. Now that we have grown children, finding the perfect place for the four of us is not as simple as it once was when they were